4 Strategies For Marketing Your Charter Yachts

Photo by    Mohamed Masaau    on    Unsplash   – No Attribution Necessary

Photo by Mohamed Masaau on Unsplash – No Attribution Necessary

So, you're marketing your charter yachts? The Locus team would love to tell you that this will be an easy sell. There's luxurious amenities and remarkable scenery that should make for the perfect getaway and lead to immediate bookings. 

But marketing a charter yacht, like any quality service, will require visual communication strategies that will help you reach your target audience and convert them to returning customers. 

So, we gathered around the Locus table and analyzed the top strategies you can utilize to effectively market your charter yachts. Read on to learn our top four picks.

Revamp Your Website

Your charter yachts should be listed in various databases and directories to allow anyone seeking your services to learn more about your company and availability. And what's the next step for someone who notices your charter yacht listing? The answer would be visiting your website.

Your website is key to building relationships that result in paying customers. As visitors explore the site, they should find various types of media, including professional photography and videos, a blog, and virtual tours. 

Capturing leads is especially important when considering the average time a person spends on a website before leaving (a mere 15 seconds) and the downsides of a high bounce rate. 

With so many options on the web and our shortened attention spans, site visitors must be mesmerized by your content in less than a minute. 

To sum it up, your website is your one-stop visual shop for any and every detail related to your charter yachts. Furthermore, your website is where you use your visual communication style to capture leads and keep customers engaged for months, and possibly, years. 

Don’t Diss Direct Mail

Sending out direct mail brochures may seem like an outdated approach, but it isn't as ‘old school’ as you may think. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Research has shown that direct mail continues to be an impactful marketing strategy. 

98% of people check their mail daily and 66% of consumers have a made a purchase due to direct mail ads. Unlike email, which is often saturated with marketing, direct mail recipients are more likely to open mail because it feels more personal. 

Standard mail is heavy with text and often features little to no imagery. Just imagine the pleasant surprise of seeing a mail brochure filled with vivid photographs that detail your charter yachts and destinations. 

Add a bit of excitement to someone's day and get noticed by taking your best high-quality images and sending them off to print and mail. 

Send Out Email Newsletters

Email newsletters featuring visual content are also a noteworthy strategy to keep potential customers and past clients emotionally engaged and updated on your latest developments. 

Note that keeping your target customers in the know doesn't always have to be so formal. Give the formalities a break, and have a bit of fun by including behind-the-scenes video stories and allowing readers to meet your team as they get a glimpse into your work processes. 

Creating a sense of familiarity through email marketing newsletters strengthens your customer relationships and establishes trust in your company. 

Furthermore, take advantage of the opportunities offered by email to share multiple calls to action. 

Email subscribers are especially valuable, and it’s important to share valuable information with them in every message. Always include links to your website, special announcements, and insider deals.

Bonus: Throw In A Catchy Slogan

Create a memorable slogan that can be associated with your logo and visual messaging. A catchy slogan on a t-shirt or a hat will keep your business on the mind of past visitors, and it can be just the conversation starter you need to attract new clientele.

Remember that marketing charter yachts is an adventure in itself because every vessel has its own unique features that are worthy of display. 

With so much to offer, think outside of the marketing box and share your company information in a visually compelling way with a slogan that draws attention and inspires word of mouth marketing, which can be highly profitable.

Harrys Spyridakos