How To Boost Your Hotel Room Sales With Virtual Tours.

Finding the perfect hotel may seem like an overwhelming task because of the array of choices at our fingertips. There are branded websites, social media discussions, ads, pop-up deals, and the list goes on!

But as more people find themselves wandering in a maze of online information that seems never-ending, the desire of the customer is changing. Instead of a wealth of information, consumers are demanding transparency, and 73% of buyers will now pay more to do business with a fully transparent company.

Hotels can benefit in multiple ways from this demand by using virtual reality tours to show an honest depiction of their properties. Read on to learn more about the positive impacts of virtual hotel tours.

Reach A Larger Audience

Know someone who’s ready to book a swanky hotel room? Of course you do! In fact, 80% of customers are booking their full trip experience online. We’ve all been there, and our first destination when searching for lodging is the internet. The internet is our best friend for browsing worldwide for convenience, and hotel accommodations are no exceptions.

When visiting a hotel website, high quality images and a modern design are a must to give site visitors a feel of the hotel’s standards. Add in a virtual tour, and you’re setting a standard that will attract new viewers far and wide.

What’s Going To Generate All That Extra Buzz?

A virtual tour is nothing short of a visual delight, and placing visually delightful content online greatly enhances shareability and the chance to go viral. We keep a close eye on the impact of viral content marketing at Locus, and we know that memorable visual marketing can change the game for businesses.

For example, a viral ad by Blendtec boosted their sales by 700%. At Dollar Shave Club, 12,000 new subscribers joined their club after a viral advertisement.

The right marketing plan and leveraging the power of online influencers makes a huge difference. Viral content continues to be the king (and queen) of social media. Just a few shares of your virtual tour from well-respected online personalities can result in a huge return on your investment by inspiring more people to book their stay at your hotel.

Let’s Get Strategic

Think about this: Only 10% of people book at the first hotel website they visit. What if your hotel website happens to be that first visit? You need to create something that holds attention - and that something is visual communication - affectionately known as ViSCom by the Locus team.

Leisure vacationers and business travelers have multiple options for hotel rooms, so hotel brands must be strategic in their approach to close sales.

Strategy is about making choices, trade-offs; it's about deliberately choosing to be different.” Michael Porter

At Locus, our innovative marketing crew knows that VR hotel tours don’t just show viewers the hotel. VR tours tell a story that conjure the imagine, transforming the audience from passive viewers and immersing them into the scene.

Immersion Is A Beautiful Thing, Indeed

When someone is truly immersed in an experience, it quiets the inner critic. No more questioning still photographs that may have been taken at manipulative angles or scouring multiple review sites for honest feedback. Virtual hotel tours allow anyone who’s watching to personally confirm their choice and increases their confidence when booking a hotel stay.

Time Is Money

When it’s time to pick a hotel room, gather ‘round with your favorite snacks and comfy slippers because you may be browsing for awhile. While this scenario held some truth in the past, it doesn't have to be the case today.

VR tours allow website visitors to see everything they need to know instead of searching multiple web pages. A virtual reality tour serves as a one-stop shop for hotel information, saving time and converting page visitors into guests.

All For One And One For All

Virtual reality hotel tours are especially valuable when planning a group stay because everyone will be seeking amenities that are most appealing to their personal tastes.

Some may want to know what amenities are provided in the hotel rooms. Others may be more interested in the hotel’s proximity to popular tourist attractions. Guests who don’t want to stray too far may be most curious about the hotel bars, pools, and spa.

Cover all of your hotel  information in a virtual reality tour and it’s likely to keep groups from quickly bouncing to another website, which usually happens within 15 seconds. Keep an audience on your site for two minutes and it’s far more likely to result in sales.

As a creative visual marketing production company, Locus is here to keep every viewer intrigued while sharing the information they need. After all, 65%of people are visual learners. Educate them with visual content and they’re more likely to buy what you're selling.

Harrys Spyridakos