The Locus Quick Start Guide To Visual Marketing - Starting You On The Path To Success

Photo by  Max Böttinger  on  Unsplash

Did you know if you’re reading this, you’re on course with the forward thinkers in your industry? 47% of businesses don’t have a content marketing strategy in place. This means almost half of all businesses aren’t reaching their full marketing potential with written or visual content! 

This isn’t good news for anyone contributing to that percentage - but it can be good news for you if you’re ready to use visual marketing to connect with audiences. A well-planned visual content strategy can put you ahead of the game and in the top tier of competitors in your market. 

We're anxious to dive right in to our quick start guide for visual marketing, but the Locus team knows that “visual marketing” continues to be a loosely defined term.  

First, let’s add more clarity to visual marketing. Visual marketing is much more than stunning videos and imagery. A visual marketing campaign is set with clear intentions beyond the appearance of content. 

Keep these questions in mind:

  • Who is your target audience?

  • How will the visuals expand your reach?

  • What is the expected outcome? 

At Locus, we know that impactful visual marketing goes beyond team efforts. It reaches into the core of your viewers and inspires them to market for you by sharing your material, discussing your message, and making your content go viral. 

P.S. Know that 65% of the information you share with visual marketing can stick with viewers for up to three days. If the mission is to go viral, your content must be just as valuable as it is attractive. 

Now that you know visual marketing is a purposeful endeavour, it’s easier to understand the importance of strategy and focusing on the details that will make your strategy work.

Without further ado, it’s time to hop into the Locus Quick Start Guide for Visual Marketing.

Define Your VisCom Style

Every element, from colors and font styles to key phrases and tone, should represent your company while setting you apart from competitors when marketing with visuals.

Yes, this is what most companies refer to as branding. But we’re going against the grain and calling it VisCom (visual communication) style.

Notice how “VisCom” stands out in your mind? The Locus crew uses these subtle touches of the unexpected to stand out and make visual content more memorable. Remember this example as you craft your messaging for visual storytelling. 

Pick Your Partner (Wisely)

The world of marketing is constantly evolving. Professional visual marketers who understand your values and buyers and are up-to-date with the latest technologies are well  worth the investment

Your partner should also be connected to a team of innovative and enthusiastic storytellers.

We keep up with the trends at Locus because we aim to provide value. Make sure any visual content marketers you partner with are current and happy to be constant learners in such an exciting industry!

Have An End Goal In Mind... At The Beginning

The tone of your visual content can be humorous, mysterious, inspiring, and everything in-between. You might know what it takes to pull your audience in, but you must also know what you want them to do when the show is over. 

The results must be in mind before and during the visual content creation process. Do you want the viewers to click a link to your website? Place an order? Subscribe to a mailing list?

Customize your visual content to show the importance of taking further action. Promote FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) because no one wants to miss out on something amazing.

Furthermore, carefully measure the results towards the end of each visual marketing campaign, and use the data to create future strategies.

We’re Here When You Need Us

Past predictions stating that visual marketing would reign supreme continue to prove true across the board. We can all agree that visual content is taking over because it’s enjoyable, educational, and serves as conversational pieces for the masses. 

The Locus Quick Start Guide to Visual Marketing is here to set you down the path of creating effective visual marketing content. As you navigate the winding roads along the way, bookmark this page to return to the guide or reach out to Locus for help.