It’s Time To Maximize Your Real Estate Marketing With Visual Content

Visual content marketing is here to stay and maximizing its impact in the real estate industry can expand agents’ reach on the internet and offline. Utilizing today’s online marketing landscape has the potential to connect billions of consumers through websites and various social media platforms.

To be more specific, 2.6 billion people were social media users in 2018. Numbers this big hit home for visual content marketers at Locus because we’re imagining the almost limitless marketing opportunities to share property details and imagery in a compelling way.

Real estate marketing is much more than showing how a property looks and sharing a description. Professional marketing in the real estate industry should evoke emotions and tell a story that leaves a viewer inspired to answer the calls to action.

Using visual content marketing to increase shareability and build your presence in the competitive real estate industry will require creativity and strategy. In short, your content must show and tell.  

Here’s some Locus-approved tips for real estate professionals who are getting a leg up on the competition by embracing visual content marketing – complete with facts you’ll want to remember.

Visual Content Marketing Tool: Photography

We know what you’re thinking. Photography is a given for real estate marketing. But we want to dig deeper into the genre and look beyond the presence of traditional photography.

Spend time browsing real estate listings and you’ll notice that many agents take photography matters into their own hands. Likewise, one-dimensional photography is the standard.  

In the vast sea of online images and listings, a professional photographer knows what will stop viewers in their tracks.

Maximizing your real estate visual marketing content with photography should include working with professional photographers who have 3D photography experience.

These photographers have a comprehensive understanding of the lighting, angles, and technology that add a dynamic touch to real estate visuals.

Fact: Professional photography helps agents to sell property 32% faster. Add multiple, high-quality photos and a home that typically takes 70 days to sell could be off the market in 32 days.

Visual Content Marketing Tool: Video/Virtual Home Tours

For real estate agents, video is the grand finale in the growth strategy using visual content marketing.

Videos featuring your properties should be mobile-friendly and offer an immersive experience in the form of 3D tours. The added level of accessibility and visual storytelling conveniently displays the beauty of a home as it allows viewers to virtually explore that home from another location.

Virtual home tours can showcase the neighborhood, the backyard, and even the smallest details using real estate photography and 360-degree video walkthroughs.

To increase your likelihood of creating a video or virtual home tour that attracts the masses, define your desired outcome for the video campaign and partner with professionals to make it a reality. As you can see, the Locus team members are strong believers in working together for maximum results.

Fact: A virtual home tour increases the views of a listing by 87%, and can keep new site visitors engaged up to 10 times longer.

Oh, And One More Thing…

There’s plenty of room to be creative with real estate marketing. While we’ve directed most of our focus to the virtual world of visual content marketing and online sharing, we’re not forgetting about print!

Hop offline and give your potential home buyers something tangible by converting your online visual marketing images to printed brochures (or postcards) featuring stunning imagery. Mail the materials directly to link recipients to your listings or encourage them to contact you for further details.

Fact:  Fewer marketers are using a hybrid advertising approach that includes direct mail. Yet, over 80% of people sort their daily mail without delay, and 82% of millennials find print marketing campaigns to be most trustworthy.

Harrys Spyridakos