How To Implement Drones Into Your Marketing Strategy


Look up in the sky and it’s likely to see a bird or a plane. Depending on your location, you might also spot a drone. Many drones are commonly seen in flight to capture vacation footage and film YouTube videos. 

But a drone isn’t just a high-tech toy. It serves a higher purpose for business operations when collecting data and helps companies market to consumers with more creativity and style.

Since drones became available for public use, manufacturers continue to release a variety of models with diverse features. Drones now come in various shapes and sizes to accommodate enthusiasts and experts through functionality and affordable prices. 

In fact, the FAA estimates that drone sales could surpass 2 million by 2020. And yet, each drone has one thing in common: the ability to impress viewers in every industry through the visuals they capture. 

Hand a drone over to creative professionals and you can expect a favorable return on your investment. 

Here are four ways to implement drones into your marketing strategy.


Let Drones Create A Fresh Perspective

Common marketing tactics may show a 360-degree view from the ground, but do they show the sights from overhead? Research the marketing style of your competitors and you’ll see they rarely include aerial footage. 

Drones create marketing campaigns from a bird’s eye view. A drone is a powerful tool for creative storytelling because they show visual stories from a perspective we don’t see on a daily basis.  

For example, real estate marketing using drone footage can give an aerial perspective of the home, yard, or the entire neighborhood. 

Selling a yacht? Showing the yacht peacefully on the open waters from an aerial view can easily stir the imagination of potential buyers and get them on board for a tour. 


Strategically Increase Your Clientele

The ability to attract sellers and buyers is important. Any sellers considering doing business with you will do their research. They’ll analyze your approach to marketing and want to know how long you take to sell.

An interesting fact: 76%of people looking to do business in their area search their options online and will schedule a visit the same day.

When local clients search for you online, seeing that you use drones as part of your marketing strategy could be the pleasant surprise they need to determine you’re the best person for the job. 

Drones aren’t the newest gadget anymore, but they are still under-utilized enough to make a big impression when marketing.


Fly Ahead of Competitors

The way you present your listings could be the difference between someone requesting more information or continuing the search elsewhere. 

With so many choices and constant exposure to advertisements, sharing the facts isn’t enough to hook consumers. You must share information in a way that stops viewers in their tracks. 

Descriptive writing, tone, and imagery are major elements for marketing professionals. As you incorporate drones into your marketing strategy, add voiceovers to create a personalized and informative tour featuring high quality visuals.



Drones Are An Innovative Marketing Investment

Google Earth satellites were once the primary sources for viewing neighborhoods and large homes from elevated angles, but depending on the location, those images could be grainy and outdated. Sometimes, satellite images weren’t viewable at all. 

Part of the appeal of drones is their high level of accessibility and ease of use - without the high price tag.

The possibilities are almost endless when implementing drones into your marketing strategy because drones are personalizing grand visual experiences while showing viewers detailed stories from various angles. 

Whether the focus is exploring the nooks and crannies of a specific property or viewing neighborhoods for virtual tours, drones are a profitable novelty that will instantly highlight your marketing prowess in your industry.

Harrys Spyridakos