3 Forms Of Visual Marketing For The High Seas

Photo by    ben o'bro   on    Unsplash  – No Attribution Necessary

Photo by ben o'broon Unsplash– No Attribution Necessary

Cruising on the vast and seemingly endless ocean is a scenic journey filled with the perfect mix of excitement and relaxation. Still, visual marketing for the high seas requires a special touch of magic, allure, and strategy. 

Convincing travelers to book a high seas adventure on your yacht or cruise ship means you will have to grab their attention. Then, you must show that your team is experienced and trustworthy. Trust is essential when sailing the high seas - and rightfully so.  

At Locus, we’re all about creative visual strategy and building trust. We’re here to assist in your visual marketing efforts to show that you’re the ideal travel companion and boatloads of fun!


Use Photography To Grab Attention 

Written content will never lose value because it provides the specifics that helps readers to make sound decisions and understand what’s being offered by yacht charter businesses.

Still, photography provides a visual platform that goes beyond reading. Add photography to your blog posts about luxury yachting and you’ll attract more readers. This could explain why 71%of content marketers find value in visual assets.

Every day, online users are scrolling through countless images on the web and on social media platforms. For your photography to be captivating, it must be top-notch. Therefore, professional photography is now a necessity to grab attention.

This means the lighting, angle, and story being translated through photographs must be done right. With the help of professional visual marketers, high quality photography can tell a story in a way that pulls at the heartstrings and allows viewers to visualize themselves as part of the story. 

We all know the feelings that consume us when browsing through old photo albums and reminiscing on past events. We don’t just see the pictures; we remember the moments and how we felt. 

Photographs of beautiful imagery from a yacht can awaken our positive emotions and serve as a source of inspiration. That inspiration motivates us to pursue happiness by taking action, and your photos can increase conversions by 35%.


Use Video To Hold Attention

Video is also a necessity when marketing yachting adventures on the high seas. Photographs will do the job of grabbing attention, but videos will pull viewers in for a longer period of time. 

You see, there's good reason why video has become the most popular form of online visual marketing. While imagery is a beautiful thing, seeing scenes in motion creates a more impactful dynamic. 

In fact, video is more likely to up the conversion rate from potential customers to buyers by 84%

As visual marketers, we envision videos detailing the high seas adventures as an imaginative mix of idyllic waters, socializing, and enjoyable activities to remember for a lifetime. 

Now imagine the impressions you could make when combining the power of photography and video to create a virtual tour that highlights the beauty of the ocean and the details of the boat. 

Merging 3D photography and video is the ultimate immersive experience, stimulating the senses and making audiences feel present in the scene. 

Immersive content has a higher likelihood of going viral, and the more shares, the better! 


User Generated Content Seals The Deal

User generated content is much more important than you may think. While the well-planned execution of visual marketing content is essential, we must remember that there are roughly 5,000 advertisements crossing the screens of consumers every day. 

The high number of ads we are exposed to daily has led many of us to dismiss a large portion of online marketing. 

This leads us back to a key element of visual marketing - trust. 84% of consumers trust online reviews as much as they would trust a friend. 

Think of user generated content as a high-powered version of an online review.  When a potential customer researches your yachting charter business and finds videos, images, and testimonials uploaded by past customers, it speaks highly of your business. 

Let user generated content show that you’re putting your money where your marketing is and providing pleasant and safe experiences on the high seas. 

How do you create an incentive for user-generated content from your yacht? Run social media contests with brand-specific hashtags, retweet often, share positive commentary about your business from social media users, and always reply with a “thank you”. 

Harrys Spyridakos